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Subaru XV 2013, immo fault  
сообщение 3.7.2016, 16:15
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Hi every1..hope alls well..im new here an hope to help in what eva way i can.im in need of assitance now as i have a small problem on my head..i have a subaru xv 2013 which i had done lost keys for 3 weeks ago..i removed bcm and coded with tango using 80bit chip and car started...client called me back 3 weeks later for spare key and i proceeded to do same..however this time key light switched off but car doesnt start..key light came on 10 secs later after ign on..i checked fault codes on ecu and got p1571..reference code incompatibilty..on bcm i get meter corolatiion.i relaoded existing dump which started car an still does the same..i have now even more headache that the key light doesnt switch off at all now...the car is manual transmission and 2.0 petrol..ive attached the ecu bcm and cluster dumps..i hope some1 can assist with this..thanks.
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